Uk Construction Industry Aims To Split Emissions By 2025

The Government has struck an agreement with the construction business in an arrangement which aims to split emissions in the built environment by 2025. UK Government will invest £1.4 million in a construction research project aimed at overcoming the obstructions to growing minimal effort, low-carbon housing.

Building Energy Efficiency in Construction IndustryBusiness Secretary Greg Clark confirmed – the agreement yesterday (29 November), in what is the first of several sector deals swore as part of the Industrial Strategy.

The flagship deal will see the Government contribute £170 million over 3 years, with £250 million coming from construction industry, to market technologies fit for building energy-efficient, cost-effective housing and infrastructure.

The agreement embodies our vision for a cutting edge Construction Industrial Strategy with government & industry working together in a strategic partnership towards the common goal of higher productivity

More skilled construction workforce would increase more earning power.

cost-effective-construction-techMinimal cost – Minimal carbon

The deal aims to reduce the cost of construction by 33% while splitting green house gas (GHG) emissions in the industry by 2025.

This represents a huge duty, considering that around 33% of UK carbon emissions originate from the built environment, while 10% of emissions derive from heating buildings alone.

The Government will also invest £1.4 million in a research project aimed at overcoming the barriers to developing low-cost, low-carbon housing. Led by UK construction industry firm the project will trial inventive techniques of building to reduce the environmental impact of UK homes by 2050.

Uk Construction Industry - Construction Tech 2050Construction Techniques 2050

A Centre for Digital Built Britain has also been given the thumbs up by ministers. The new centre at the University of Cambridge aims to deliver reductions in whole-life costs and carbon emissions of buildings.

While improving construction productivity by utilizing intelligent building information models and detecting innovation.

Uk Construction Industry Group Study report

The level of emissions from the supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning fell by 136 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents, a fall of 11 % in relative terms. In absolute terms this was the largest decrease recorded  in uk construction industries among the activity groupings studied.

It was followed by other services, water supply and construction, where emissions decreased by 76 million tonnes approx 14 % in relative terms.

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