Robot Brickie Automation Could Wipe Out Construction Jobs

Rising of the robot brickie automation could wipe out construction jobs by 2040. Due to new technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous vehicles 600,000 people could lost their jobs.

Rise Of The Robot Brickie Automation Could Wipe Out Construction Jobs

By 2040 the number of bricklayers in UK building sites will fall from the current 73,000 people to just 4,300. Carpenters, internal fitters, laborers and painter numbers are also set to plummet as more roles become automated in the construction business.

Human vs Robot Brickie

The rise of robot brickie automation with construction sites becoming virtually human-free zones. The prediction comes from infrastructure giant Balfour Beatty which has gone future gazing to predict what the industry could look like in three decades’ time. Building sites of 2040 will have autonomous cranes and diggers, and robots working in teams to build structures using new interactive materials

Rise Of The Robot Brickie

Technology vs Opportunity

Although new technology would mean jobs vanishing it would also create new opportunities for new roles such as software engineers for automated developers.

The report warned unless training is in place so that laborers are equipped with new skills needed for the jobs of the future created by technological innovation the part is probably going to confront emergency.

Construction Jobs

New Opportunity Arise Due to Robot Brickie

Everyone recognizes the present abilities shortages need to be addressed. Our research highlights the opportunities offered by the digital revolution. Rise of the robot brickie.

We predict that Construction sites could be virtually human-free by 2050. We envisaged autonomous diggers and cranes, self-assembling buildings and fleets of drones surveying work.

Technology in construction

Construction Technology

A government survey titled Modernize or die on the future of the construction jobs industry gave comparative notices when it was published a year ago. Its author Mark Farmer agreed  “technology will bring a step change to the construction, which has remained an craftsman based for a long time ago.”

Whether it’s one in three or one in four jobs that go remains to be seen yet technology will see a huge upgrade of numbers in the industry. Construction has to increase productivity and change might be forced on it in the form of automation, manufacturing process and artificial intelligence to accomplish it.

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