Construction Jobs in Northern Ireland

Construction Jobs in Northern Ireland

Survey suggests ‘strong growth’ for Construction Jobs in Northern Ireland

An official review of businesses in Northern Ireland suggests the construction jobs in Northern Ireland underwent significant growth in 2016.

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The Annual Business Inquiry Report

The Annual Business Inquiry (ABI) collected financial information from a representative sample of 9,000 businesses. The data was used to calculate a measure of output known as approximate Gross Value Added (aGVA). It showed the aGVA of the construction sector increased by £356 million, almost 19%. That took development aGVA to £2.25 billion the highest figure since 2008.

Best Career Jobs in Northern Ireland

The aGVA Report

The aGVA speaks the income generated by businesses, less the expenses of goods and services used to create that income. The study also suggests there was strong growth in manufacturing with aGVA increasing by just about 6%.

Non-financial services sector

The non-financial services sector, which represents more than a 33% of business output, saw aGVA increase by almost 4 percentage. However, the performance of the retail sector was essentially flat with aGVA increasing by just 0.8% year on year.

Today’s employment report indicated growing strength in construction along a variety of dimensions. There was job growth in both residential and non-residential categories. Over the past year, non-residential construction has accounted for roughly a quarter of total construction job creation.
Construction Jobs in Northern Ireland
Non-residential activities accounted for more than 40 % of net new jobs, indicating relatively faster performance improvement in that part of the nation’s construction sector. Secondly, the industry’s unemployment rate surged in November to 9.4 percent. While one would be tempted to suggest that this was due to a loss of seasonal construction employment that cannot be a primary explanation since the total number of construction jobs expanded meaningfully in November 2017.
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